PRIMED 45 ACP BRASS (Nickel) 1165 pcs.

Meridian, ID 83646
United States

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Category  Reloading

Fully processed (by me) once-fired brass from Capital Cartridge. Nickel Plated. Sorted for LARGE primer pocket, and weight sorted around 90 grain. Mixed headstamp.
Wet tumbled AFTER decapping. Ultra clean even in primer pockets!
These are primed with CCI 300 Large Pistol Primers, and kept in a climate controlled home, 70° F, low humidity!
Trimmed to about .89" and gently flared to .474" OD (.451" ID), ready for powder and bullets!

I converted my .45 to a .460 and though I can still shoot 45, I don't have much interest in it.
Number of primed casings is closely estimated for now (still counting).

As a bonus you can also have the unprocessed casings I sorted out for small primer pocket and weight. At least 300 extra casings basically.

No shipping. Nobody knows their own regs.
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