Phil Boguszewski folder

Hayden, ID 83835
United States

Category  Knives

Phil Boguszewski 3” folder with giraffe bone scales. This knife was purchased from Mr. Boguszewski in person, in 1979, at the Reno gun show. It is engraved as a Model E 001. This was one of the first 100 folders that Phil made when he was just starting as a knife maker. You will note the makers stamp on the blade. This stamp was the first iteration of Phils proof mark. The knife is unused and in pristine condition. If you are familiar with Phil you know his reputation and what his knives sell for. You also know he sadly passed away several years ago. I have a general feeling for what the knife is worth, but I’m willing to entertain offers. But I won’t discuss offers less than 4 figures.


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