Offset Light Mount for Surefire, Picatinny, FDE

Meridian, ID
United States

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Its a Gear Sector / American Defense Manufacturing offset light mount for Surefire Scout but it also comes with an adapter plate to use with larger lights like the M952V. I think you should be able to attach any Surefire with this. Very low profile. Normally $65 for the mount and $20 for the adapter... but asking only $40 and it was mounted once and really never used. Comes in original box.

This model fits the Surefire Scout Light® series lights which include the M300A, M600B and M600C weapon lights. But the small adapter plate allows larger lights such as M952V. The adapter is by Grey Group (Danger Close 620v millennium adapter) but I can't find what other lights it allows other than I bought it for the M952v and it fits great.

It is FDE color not black like the stock photos.
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