2/2/2024  Rebeca Linck
You might remember me posting last year about my blind son who hunts. We helped change legislation here in Idaho allowing adaptive technology for the Visually impaired hunter. My son Jade & my husband went out Elk Hunting.
Although they did not fill a tag, Jade called in a nice bull post-rut, just did not have a good shot to take. Adaptive technology allows him the opportunity to hunt, but also reduces his chances of a successful hunt.
Guiding Jade through the high country was challenging, picking a location that might produce an Elk as Jade must set his rifle up on a bipod and be stationary waiting for an Elk to move in, be directed verbally how & where to aim by his spotter and communicate effectively when to fire. Getting him into position takes a lot of planning and time as there is no way to get him into an area quietly, so getting set up hours in advance and waiting is essential.
The experience was overwhelmingly beautiful. Imagine being in pitch blackness at all times, not knowing what every branch breaking is & what is out there. This kid has grit, he never quit! We encountered 2 Elk, 7 whitetail, 5 different Moose and glassed a bear. My husband has tags for all the above (except Moose) and could have filled his tag, but never raised his rifle so that Jade would always get the opportunity to fill his.
He hasn't yet, but eventually he will. I love that he doesn't take the easy way out, he had the opportunity to utilize private farmland, but he wanted to experience a week long high country trip and that's what he got!