For Sale or Trade: Winchester Signal Cannon

Boise, ID 83705
United States

$1,100.00 (Or Best Offer)
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Your neighbors think illegal fireworks are loud? Watch your neighbor drop their beer and firework as your friend or family member unleashes this noisy cricket with the tug of a 20' pull cord (I've seen it).

Feel a concussion of freedom sweep across your face.

This is a rare Winchester Signal cannon marked 10 gauge blanks only. This also puts on a light show after dark from a long muzzle flash followed by a cloud of awesomeness. It rolls back a bit from the recoil after discharge. And it's Fun for the whole family!
(Mine will be angry if it sells.)

It could also be used to alert your neighborhood that the New Year's Eve ball has dropped, start races, or clear birds from fields.

Includes a new, unopened box of loud report blanks.

Asking $1100
Idaho Residents/legal buyers only.

+$100 off for U.S. Veterans.
Thank you for your service!
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