300 Win. Mag - ammo for components only

Boise, ID 83712
United States

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300 Win. Mag - components only
Once fired, reloaded (so components only), full length resized (plus FL sized with Innovative tech die), mix of headstamps (most are R-P). Approximately 120+ assembled (brass, primer, powder, bullet), primered only - 85 approx, total of 205 cases. Assembled (brass, primer, powder, bullet) for $120, primered (will include 180gr bullets but no powder) for $0.75 each . Package total for $185 cash. Not interested in shipping, no trades in mind (except 10mm factory for my son, or a billet .308 receiver assembly DPMS G1). If the ad is up, no need to ask if it is 'still available' I also have the 300 WM dies, case gauge etc. Will get photos up later.
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