30 reloading boxes for 45 Colt (Long Colt) and boxing tray

Meridian, ID
United States

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Category  Reloading

From Repackbox, these two together are a $30 value but I'm just asking $20
I thought I was going to get into 45 Colt but I didn't yet but my loss can be your gain!
30 unassembled ammo boxes for your hand reloads. Each box stores 50 rounds. 30 boxes x 50, this is enough to neatly store 1500 rounds of 45 Colt! And the boxes are reusable anyway!
These are NATO approved packaging. I am not sure if they are TSA approved though.
They are a great compact way to store ammo at home or take on the road. There is no bulk inside just pure brass and lead in a compact, stackable container.
You load your rounds primer-up in the tray, then press the assembled box over the cartridge bases. Flip over and its filled and the tray is ready for another 50 rounds and the next box.
The bullets will be base-down, tip up.
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