1000 ct Primed/Fully Processed .308/7.62mm NATO brass. Weight Sorted

Meridian, ID
United States

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1000 count .308 casings. CCI military No. 34 primers, Mixed headstamps mostly Lake City, Federal, weight sorted 175 to 181 grain. These are once fired only.

• All cases individually inspected for cracks, excessive deformation, and fatigue
• Wet tumbled decapped with amazingly clean primer pockets
• Full length sized with Redding dies, primer crimps SWAGED with RCBS tool (not cut). Neck minor diameter
standard .306"
• Fresh CCI #34 primers (CCI 200 equivalent but harder cup to prevent slam fires and more reliable ignition)
• Trimmed between 2.0 and 2.007"
• Light/Moderate VLD neck chamfer (light outer deburr/chamfer)
• All necks turned with KM tool to about .015" neck wall thickness with no shoulder gouge/compromise
• Inside of necks brushed with dry nylon (no lubrication)
• Absolutely zero loose primer pockets. Hand primed all with great consistency of force.

They used to be brighter as I did a dry tumble for polish but it was too long ago and a little oxidation formed and dulled them down a little. They are not dirty at all. The primers are only a couple months old. The cases were cleaned in February and sat in a plastic bin with a lid. The house has been kept around or below 70° F all summer. No humidity.

I did not anneal them as I am not confident enough in that skill yet. They have whatever annealing Federal and mil-spec requires from Lake City. With the neck turning I expect very consistent neck tension and bore concentricity.

These have been very accurate for me in a gas gun. Some groups below 3/4 MOA and the rest no worse than factory. If you have a load using CCI 200, CCI has advised me to just reduce powder charge 0.1 grain for the military primer.

As these are primed cases I believe these can ship without dangerous goods handling/charges. Weight should be about 26 pounds by my math.
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